MINA by Shaazia Adam

In collaboration with MINA, INNOVASTUDIO designed exclusive patterns for T-shirts and hand-paints unique straw handbags both inspired in Pancho Guedes. This fusion of art and fashion creates bespoke pieces that embody contemporary style and artisanal elegance.

Restaurante Zambi

In a collaborative venture with Zambi Restaurant, we orchestrated a special event paying homage to the legendary Pancho Guedes. Our partnership extended beyond the culinary realm, as we curated an exhibition celebrating the iconic artist's work. The restaurant transformed into an artistic haven, bridging the worlds of gastronomy and art.


IM Fisio

INNOVASTUDIO transformed the clinic's environment into a captivating canvas of knowledge and artistry. Through the creation of over six meticulously crafted murals, our artwork dives into the intricacies of brain divisions, explores the human body's anatomy, and draws inspiration from Michelangelo's Vitruvius Man. Each mural serves not only as an aesthetic enhancement but also as an educational tapestry, seamlessly merging science and art to create a visually engaging and informative space for patients and practitioners alike


In a thrilling collaboration with ATCM, INNOVASTUDIO embarked on an exciting artistic venture by creating a bespoke mural. This special mural at the race track captures the essence of speed, adrenaline, and the exhilarating world of racing. With dynamic visuals featuring racing components and dedicated racers, our mural not only adds a visually stunning element to ATCM but also pays homage to the vibrant spirit of the racing community. .


At Clubhouse, INNOVASTUDIO had the honor of enriching the restaurant's aesthetic with a bespoke mural. Our artistic brushstrokes transformed the space into a visual masterpiece, adding a unique and vibrant touch to Clubhouse's atmosphere. This collaboration is a celebration of creativity merging with culinary delights, creating an immersive experience where art and dining seamlessly intertwine.


INNOVASTUDIO had the privilege of rejuvenating three iconic Pancho Guedes murals. Our artistic touch breathed new life into these masterpieces, harmonizing with the restaurant's ambiance. This partnership is a testament to the shared commitment to preserving cultural legacies through vibrant and meticulously crafted artworks, transforming Zambi into a canvas that tells a story of heritage and modernity.


INNOVASTUDIO infused our artistic flair to transform the living space into a vibrant sanctuary. Our magic touch, expressed through a symphony of colors and art, turned the apartment into a canvas of personalized expression. 

This partnership transcended conventional decor, creating a unique atmosphere that resonates with the inhabitants' individuality


In our impactful collaboration with CERCI, we united with young minds to paint a vibrant 4-in-1 mural, symbolizing our shared commitment to environmental consciousness. 

The project extended beyond the canvas as we engaged in an activation, transforming recycling bins into works of art. Together, we not only fostered creativity but also instilled a sense of environmental responsibility, using art as a powerful medium to inspire positive change within the community.

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