is designed to be a haven for your creative soul. It’s where you’ll come to find inspiration and the tools of your craft.

With the help of our experienced team, you’ll raise the bar of your artistic practice, share your work, and connect with other creatives…plus, our coffee is good, too.

Whether you’re a student, hobbyist, an amateur artist, or a professional practitioner, you are welcome and have a place here. 

At the centre of creativity.

Natasha Alvares

Founder & Instructor 

With a deep-rooted commitment, I navigate the realms of artistry, education, and consultancy.

My expertise lies in the intricate narratives of Art History, progressive Teaching Methods, and the expansive world of mixed-media exploration, embracing the realms of Painting, Drawing, and Printmaking. 

Additionally, I take pride in serving as an IB Visual Arts coach, diligently supporting students in shaping their portfolios, refining studio work, and navigating the application process for tertiary-level art programs.

Augusto Luís Jr.


I am a self-taught professional  artist, and I specialise in the intricate realms of realistic drawing, dynamic comic panels, and captivating illustrations. My expertise extends across both charcoal drawing and an array of dry media. 

Embarking on this artistic journey, I am enthusiastic about sharing my creative process with you, guiding from the fundamental drawing basics to immersive, full-scale projects.

Rosana De Andrade


Within the spectrum of transdisciplinary visual artistry, I navigate the diverse landscapes of digital illustration, photography, conceptual design, and traditional media. 

My creative canvas knows no bounds. Yet, my purpose transcends mere aesthetics; it's a profound quest for self-reflection. Each stroke, pixel, and image weaves a tapestry that beckons introspection.

Amilton Machell


My creative journey centers around capturing intricate emotions and embodying the essence of personal expression. Whether in front of the camera or designing intricate pieces, my work is a tapestry of passion, where every stitch and pose tells a story of meticulous craftsmanship and boundless creativity.

As a multidisciplinary artist, I seamlessly blend my roles as a model and designer, driven by an unwavering commitment to detail and perfection. 

Fatima Soto 

Marketing and Media Coordinator

I am a Marketing and Media Coordinator fueled by a deep love for art in all its diverse forms. My passion extends to capturing nuanced details and crafting compelling visual narratives, particularly through the lens of video making. 

As a critical thinker, my forte lies in strong conceptualization and research skills, which I seamlessly apply to enhance marketing strategies.

Mayara Pereira

Teacher Assistant 

I'm  serving as an Art and Teaching Assistant, along with the roles of snack provider and hug deliverer.

 I wholeheartedly embrace this remarkable journey with optimism, acknowledging its occasional challenges. Yet, the insights gained from both the children and colleagues have been invaluable. 

Witnessing collective growth reinforces my conviction that diligent efforts pave the way to achieving any set goals.

Our Vision

The arts are a lens through which to approach the world: they not only have the power to reflect and represent the communities they occur in, but also to shape them.

For INNOVASTUDIO, the arts are not only defined by community, but also driven by the desire to make the dynamic, authentic narratives of Mozambique visible. 

We combine our knowledge and experience with curatorial practice, studio art and pedagogy to create programmes that offer opportunities for comprehensive, relevant and impactful skills-development in art making, art-appreciation, and academic response to art. 

At INNOVASTUDIO, we expect that art students will:

  • Cultivate skills;
  • Embark on creative exploration;
  • Participate in a collaborative exchange:
  • Commit to ongoing practice.

And INNOVASTUDIO will provide students with:

  • Problem solving;
  • Progress base learning;
  • Growth mindset;
  • Safe environment.

Our Mission

Inspire - Elevate - Empower

At INNOVASTUDIO, we believe that arts & culture are key to unlocking progress, discovering potential, and fostering a sense of community. We construct spaces, platforms and opportunities for the intersection of creativity and innovation across a range of sectors - including the arts, education, media and business.  

At the core, we aim to promote and develop local talent and nurture partnerships which will propel our creatives, thinkers, and change-makers onto the global stage. 

Success is a journey, and we seek to champion our clients and creatives through a range of products, projects, programmes and pathways carefully tailored to suit their needs and objectives. 


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